แบบทดสอบการอ่าน 1 (ก่อนเรียน)

The British people met great danger during the years from 1940 to 1942. The Germans attacked them with many thousand airplanes. The Germans bombed British homes, shop and factories every night. But Winston Churchill made the British brave. He spoke to them on the radio. He visited shops, homes, factories and hospitals. Churchill asked his people to work hard. He told them, “We shall never surrender!” The British became angry. They sent fast airplanes to attack the German airplanes and to bomb the German factories. The British people became very strong and the Germans surrendered.

Choose the best answer.

1. In 1941 the British …………..
     a.  was bombed by Germans
     b.  became angry 
     c.  visited Germans
     d.  attacked Winston Churchill

2. ……….. attacked the British.
     a.  Airplanes
     b.  People
     c.  Germans
     d.  Winston Churchill

3. Why were the British brave?
     a.  British sent fast airplanes
     b.  Churchill spoke to them.
     c.  They worked hard   
     d.  They were afraid of the bombs.

 4. Germans bombed British….
     a.  hospitals
     b.  churches
     c.  factories
     d.  airplanes

 5. Why did the Germans surrender?
    a.  Churchill was strong.
    b.  The British were strong.
    c.  Germans were afraid.
    d.  The airplanes were very fast.

 6. In1941 was dangerous for………
     a.  fast airplanes
     b.  Germans
     c.  Winston Churchill
     d.  British people